The Connection Between the Web and Charity Bingo

A single thing that the Web has seemed to have changed badly is the traditional connection between non-profit fundraising use of bingo and the world of online bingo. A new Internet activity aims to bridge the gap between these two ideas.

Bingo back then had a traditional function of being the means to raise sorely needed funds for many important causes and groups such as Churches, schools, non-profit organizations and other fundraising organizations.

But now, as the world became a fast-paced environment, more and more people are choosing to play online bingo instead of going to the traditional land-based bingo hall. In this new environment, Bingo is still a social game and forms new bonds between the players themselves but bingo's purpose of being a tool for charity is sadly lost to this new concept.

However just recently, a number of Internet savvy people have decided that they would try to recreate the spirit of charitable gaming back in the game by forming The concept of this new venture is to donate at least 10% percent of what the members pay to the chosen charity by the members themselves.

The whole project is realized by the affiliation concept with the leading online bingo sites on the web that pays a marketing fee to which then in turn makes the monetary donation to the chosen charitable institutions.

According to the one of the founders of the site Nick Roberts, there is a lot of cash that is being made out there and they see no reason at all why they should donate some of it to help out the community.

He added that they have selected a wide variety of charities as their beneficiaries. The most special thing about it is that their members themselves chose which causes are worthy enough to support. The staff at the online site have made it very easy for people to join them.

Anyone interested can just click on the webpage online to join and make donations as long as they play and an easy registration allows the members to choose their most favored charity and even receive notice on how much they have donated already.

Nick Roberts said that the endless possibilities that are available to people on the web today is very huge. But in the end, people still have to make a choice and this choice will have a great impact.

Their program will give people the chance to exercise this power, which is making contributions to what many believe matters most. If anyone is interested, they can log-in to for further information.

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