The Origin and Fun of Playing Bingo

Bingo is a very enjoyable game to play. Whether playing it with your family or friends, it has become a favorite past time amongst us. When we were young, we used to watch the elders play bingo; nowadays the game of bingo is for everyone. And now days anywhere you are you can have access to this game. You need not even go out, because on the Internet you can play bingo online. Indeed, this simple game has evolved along with the modern times. But where does Bingo came from?

Bingo was first played during the 16th century in Italy (Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia). From Italy, it reached France where it was known as Le Lotto. It was played among aristocrats there. Then during the 19th century, Germany used it as an educational tool to teach children how to multiply and learn history. During those times, Bingo spread throughout Europe; it was played in carnivals and fairs.

Lotto later developed into "beano" wherein the player had to use beans to mark the numbers on the cards. If you were able to get either horizontal or vertical numbers you would shout "Beano" then you would get a prize.

In 1930, an American salesman Ed Lowe heard about beano in Germany. He brought the idea to America. While playing some enthusiast upon winning shouted "Bingo" instead of beano, and from then on it was called bingo.

It was often played in theaters once a week. It was also played in churches to help raise needed funds. In 1968 the game was formalized in the U.K. and in 1986 the National Bingo Game was legalized.

The growing popularity of Bingo changed through the years. It is now played by all ages and both sexes. One of the biggest changes on how it is played was the emergence of online bingo. Nowadays, bingo is seriously played by its fans. There are even tips for the first timers on most web sites. Learning to play Bingo is easy and within no time you'll be a Bingo expert.

Today's bingo is a well presented affair as compared to playing bingo in days past. Some halls are now built and designed with the Las Vegas theme. New technology allows players to enjoy the game even more such as computerized ball calling systems, large TVs for a better view of the numbers, better food served for bingo players (so you never get hungry), and bigger and better prizes.

So, Bingo is considered to be a fashionable place to enjoy, relax, and have fun. It is also a nice place to go dating if you want to deviate from the usual. Or if you just want to meet somebody, bingo halls are for you.

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