Glenrothe Bingo Hall Up for Sale

A bingo hall in Glenrothes is up on the selling block. Fortunately, the bingo halls' employees who are twenty in all, are given assurances about their jobs.

Gala Leisure was ordered by a bingo watchdog to sell off its Carrick Gate Club because it cannot own two bingo hall in one town and the small time bingo businesses may lose out if it continues in the long run.

Considered as one of U.K's biggest bingo operators alongside Mecca and Top Ten, it took over the family owned Country Bingo on Flemington Road last January, which sparked the investigation conducted by the Office of Fair Trading.

The OFT found that the bingo halls in town had been each other's biggest competitors before the link-up and a new club in town or the ones that are located in Kirkcaldy or Dunfermline would not be able to halt the company if it tries to capitalize on the rivalry if it raise their fees.

The Office of Fair Trading would recommend the matter to the Competition Commission unless Gala agreed to the order, prompting the company to let go of one of its bingo clubs.

According to a Gala spokesman that Gala would sell off its Carrick Gate Club in the coming months. Regarding the 20 staff of the club, he said that Gala would continue to employ all 20 of them even though the club will be sold off.

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