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The City of Dunbar Gets the Rights to Bingo Building

The City of Dunbar has been authorized to operate and care for the 'bingo and raffle building' in Dunbar. Although given control over the building, they are still not permitted to sell the property.

South Lockport Fire Hall Ends Bingo Games on December 31st

The South Lockport Fire Hall will hold their last bingo games on December 31, 2006. St. Cyr, one of the volunteers at the bingo game said that they will stop permanently on January 1, 2007 when their bingo license expires.

New Online Bingo Games and Improved Roulette

Bingo Ace UK is offering free games for gamblers. Not only they offer Bingo game but also the new improved Roulette game. Slot machines players can get $2, 000 credits to start.

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Online Bingo for those Budget Conscious Players


Playing online bingo could not be very expensive if one knows how to spend his money on the game. With the knowledge and experience, one could have a better chance to win without having to spend more money than he can afford to lose.