Justice for Bingo

Bingo has been used countless times for charity. This has given bingo its friendly and wholesome reputation. But some guys just have the urge of exploiting this goodness. These guys are the likes of Robert J. Ford and William J. Tway.

Just who are Robert J. Ford and William J. Tway? Well, they are the operators of Big bucks Bingo which is situated in Garden City. For almost ten years, these two men have been giving a lot of games to many people. They even contribute a lot to charity. But as it turned out, they have actually taken more money than they have supposed to.

April of this year, Ford and Tway were charged with tax fraud. They did not declare the exact amount of what they earned, actually, they declared much less than they supposed to. As a result, they were paying for fewer taxes.

Tax fraud is a serious case. No one should fake their income tax returns however inviting it might be. Ford and Tway might have taught that they can get away with it. But we know that in reality, no one can.

What is more appalling with these two guys is the fact that they claimed they gave bigger amount of money to charity than they actually did. As part of their punishment, officials required them to give twenty percent of their yearly revenues to various charities. Now that is a very wise punishment.

This is good news for bingo players. Now you know that the government is watching the institutions in which you play bingo. You must feel safer now, knowing that the government makes sure that nothing illegal happens in gaming facilities such as bingo clubs. This makes the people trust the government system more. And now, you know that other bingo clubs are more careful on their operations, scared of breaking any rule.

It is a shame that there are people who would use charity as front for their evil plans. However, rest assured that the government is closely monitoring every bingo club that claims to help charitable institutions.

Lesson of the story is, if you want to help, do it honestly. Do not pose as a hero and deceive others. Know that one day, your cover will be blown by those who know how to expose people like you. Lastly, do not taint the game that so many people love, which is bingo.

For all the others, just continue playing bingo. There's nothing bad about it. There are just some people who want to destroy its name.

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